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At Kalon Bully Kennel we are excited to share the wonderful experience of raising a pet such as the American Bully XL, which, in front of its muscular, powerful and imposing physique, has a balanced, sociable, very faithful, intelligent, active and affectionate character. , which makes it ideal as a home pet, as well as to share hobbies such as hiking and activities in contact with nature, since that is its ideal environment in which it fully develops its potential.

At Kalon Bully Kennel, we want to offer our clients extraordinary pedigree specimens, beautiful puppies that will be magnificent adult specimens, originating from the best and most reputable breeding lines internationally (USA, UK). Which, together with a way of managing the development and breeding of our progenitors in a familiar and reliable environment, and the choice and selection of males of proven quality, allows us to fulfill our main objective: OFFER A UNIQUE PET, with which enjoy, share endearing and unforgettable moments, with an unconditional and faithful companion, convinced that an indelible hole will be made in the heart of its owner and his entire family.

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